Aidbit — World’s First Completely Decentralised Platform
4 min readFeb 7, 2022

Decentralized Fundraising and Crowdfunding idea have been floating around in the crypto space for quite a while. Aidbit, a community governed project, run by a small group of talented developers and designers from Australia is about to change the game.

Aidbit is currently working on a mission to launch a decentralized fundraising platform. Based in Australia it will be the first decentralized crowdfunding platform. This is a piece of good news for all people in Australia, as they are getting a convenient method to raise funds. It would be possible to use Aidbit as a platform to raise funds for numerous reasons, such as for a good cause, to start a business, or to implement an idea. Anyone who uses Aidbit to raise funds can remain anonymous as well. On top of that, it doesn’t have any restrictions as seen in traditional fundraising platforms.

The main objective of the Aidbit team is to make crowdfunding interoperable and user-friendly. Anyone can use the features available on Aidbit to launch a crowdfunding campaign with ease. Then people who are interested in supporting the cause can go ahead and donate to it.

Upon the development of Aidbit, it will become a dedicated platform available for anyone around the world to raise funds. There is no need for anyone to obtain permission to publish a fundraising campaign on this platform and proceed with raising funds. On top of that, there is no need to spend money unnecessarily on taxes. That’s because the blockchain network behind Aidbit is decentralized and tax-free.

Along with the development of the fundraising platform, Aidbit develops its wallet application as well. It is known as AIDWALLET. The beta version of Aidbit is already released. People who are willing to invest and in getting early access to the platform can go ahead and get their hands on it. However, the full version of Aidbit will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store by the end of January.

AIDWALLET IS a multi-sig and multi-currency non-custodial wallet. It will function as a Web 3.0 gateway to the Aidbit platform on mobile devices. Hence, anyone can start using this wallet to manage their funds effectively.

Apart from the wallet, the Aidbit project offers a native token as well. This token is named $AIDTOKEN. This will be the invigilation and governance currency within the Aidbit platform. Hence, all people who start using the Aidbit platform for their fundraising activities will come across the need to use this currency. There is a 7 Billion Fixed Supply of the currency. It is verified and audited by Unicrypt. Moreover, this is an ERC 20 compliant currency, which cannot be mined. Hence, it is worth investing in this currency.

AIDTOKEN will be the dedicated charity token used within the platform. It is compatible with all other cryptocurrencies and tokens available out there (Unicrypt Verified ENMT Token). Hence, people will be able to use cryptocurrency for their transactions on exchanges without a struggle. One of the best things about AIDTOKEN is that it is a vanilla token. Hence, there are no internal burns or redistributions. All the transactions will take place through the AIDWALLET. The AIDTOKEN holders will be able to stake their money in the wallet and earn interest for it as well.

If anyone can buy over 1 million AIDTOKEN, it will be possible to become an invigilator of Aidbit. After that, they can go through all posts submitted by users to the platform and approve them or disapprove them to raise funds. In case if a post is approved by over 60% or more of the total invigilators who are on the platform, it will be allowed to proceed with raising funds.

After reaching the fundraising goals, users will be able to withdraw their funds. This is where they will have to give a small percentage to the invigilators, who approve the fundraising campaigns. This will be done in AIDTOKEN in the form of a reward.

In case of a person invests over 10 million AIDTOKENs, he/she can become an Aidbit Governor. Then they can drive the Aidbit community and its features. On top of that, they will be able to manage the future roadmap of Aidbit and ensure that new features are implemented promptly. On top of that, it will also be possible to make changes to the marketing strategy. All the governors on Aidbit will be able to create and submit their proposals, where other governors have to vote. Depending on the number of votes, the proposal will be accepted or rejected. The team is running a native ICO through web3.0 on their own website.

Meanwhile, Marketing Team and the community, realize, “$AIDTOKEN is foolproof as far as cryptocurrency goes — there’s a substantial, fixed supply available and holders can stake it for interest with AIDWALLET. Additionally, holders are rewarded for their participation with the opportunity to influence Aidbit’s future through our invigilation and governance programs.”

All documentation and guidelines relating to the Aidbit platform, $AIDTOKEN, AIDWALLET, as well as governance and invigilation can be found at Connect with Aidbit on Discord or send an email. Team KYC and Project Audit has been Conducted by

Aidbit has a very conserved community. It is highly active on the Discord channel of Aidbit. The Aidbit platform will soon be launched to the public, and anyone can think about getting their hands on this platform to experience all the amazing features coming with it.

Aidbit is a decentralized fundraising application on the blockchain that will allow individuals, groups, communities, and businesses to raise funds for just about any purpose. It has its own native token, one of the safest non-custodial multicurrency wallets, and the lowest gas and transaction fees.

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